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Our Story.

Katie's Version:

Does anyone read this page?  I know I do when I check out a new website.  So here it goes...

This store was a dream we didn't even realize we had until it happened.   Being from the Fergus Falls area originally, I longed to have a lake place to share family memories for years to come.  That dream became a reality in 2021.  Since then,  I have fallen in love (again) with the Battle Lake Community.  Of course my outlook is different now as a middle-aged woman vs being a teenager.  In 2022, my boys and I cherished our visits and really took the opportunity to visit as many small businesses as we could.  We thoroughly enjoyed every minute we had during the summer, including the vibrant small town and extremely welcoming hospitality and vacation feel.  I looked forward to every moment I was in the area.  I started thinking of ways I could become more involved while making a positive impact, along with sharing my business skills while having a new creative outlet that could go side by side with my business that is all I've ever known (Mode Travel, in Fargo, ND).  That's it!  A boutique that has vacation inspired gifts and accessories, along with lake life and resort apparel in a unique atmosphere that locals and vacationers would look forward to visiting,of course that complements the existing businesses in the area.  I expressed my vision to my family on Labor Day weekend, and my mind didn't stop.  My boys threw out options for store names and ideas on what we could sell.  I reached out to a leader in the community to find out what options were for space.  I registered a store name with the state, and reserved a website domain just in case.  Shortly after, I was contacted that there was a location on Lake Avenue for sale, and everything moved quickly from there.  While on a work trip in Turks & Caicos, I couldn't hold in my little "secret".  I shared the idea with a colleague that has become a best friend who visited the area with me many weekends during the summer.  She expressed interest in wanting to be a part of this plan, and it was decided.   We were going to do this!  The timing is never perfect, but the stars seemed to align and it was time to make this happen.  We are blessed that our husbands were in full support of this new business, and the fun began!   

~Katie Kapel

Our story

Thank you so much for a wonderful

first summer in Battle Lake!

We look forward to many more.


~Katie & Alicia

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